Training programs with a live instructor who provides critical professional perspectives on how you can improve. Now you can get your Driver’s License the same day!!

No M.V.D Road test!
0% Interest Financing Available!
Pick-up and Drop-off Available!


Get prepared for Permit Test at the MVD with our 6 hours Learner’s Permit Class. You could get your permit the same day!

Pick-up and Drop-off Available!


About Go And Drive

What drives us to keep pushing our students forward? We love helping Arizona residents experience the freedom that comes with mobility.

We founded our school on a simple idea: Driving education may be challenging, but it shouldn’t be an ordeal. Our goal is to provide a welcoming environment for students of all ages no matter what their backgrounds are.

By applying training methods proven to produce best results, we help make learning to drive less of a hassle. We also make it simpler to understand critical concepts that increase your road safety. We’re proud to help you learn to drive the right way with a range of easily accessible locations and convenient online booking options.

Our Services


Behind The Wheel Training

Nothing beats having genuine hands-on expertise. Get behind the wheel safely with one of our expert instructors to start learning.

Traffic Survival School

Complete your mandatory MVD 8-hour class to deal with points on your record or violations the responsible way.

Practice Permit Test

Why go into your permit exam blind? Buying our rigorous online practice test makes it simple to prepare confidently.

Senior Driving

Refresh your motorist skills and gain your insurance certificate. Just select either of our two convenient senior driving packages.

Defensive Driving Clinic

Enroll in one of our three 6-hour clinic packages to become a more situationally aware, watchful driver.

Book a Car

Don’t worry about making it to your test without a license. Our straightforward car booking takes care of the logistics.

Driving Manuals

We give you access to the best resource for learning how to drive correctly, follow the law and stay safe.
Driving Manuals

Learners Permit Class

We always cater to our students. Earn a learner’s permit at your choice of our convenient driving school locations.