This 6hr course will prepare for your written test. After class, we will accompany you to a nearby third party for your exam and get your permit same day. You will also get an Insurance certificate which could reduce your Insurance Rates.

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When you want to practice before pursuing your formal license, our one-day, six-hour class is the ideal preparation for obtaining a Learner’s Permit. Go And Drive offers not only the in-depth instruction and review that students require succeeding but also convenient online scheduling and transportation services that make testing simple. Schedule our shuttle service during check-out and we will pick up and drop off at home.

Get your Permit today with our 6HR Learners Permit Class.

Every Saturday from 9AM to 3PM

Limited Time Price: $149



“What a great experience with Go and Drive! For anyone who needs a Arizona driver’s license I highly recommend using the car and driver concierge service. Made my MVD road test easy!”

Andy B, Mesa


“I’d highly recommend YGo and Drive’s service to any individual like myself seeking a license who has had previous driving experience in another country. Mike made the MVD process simple and handled everything for me.”

Greg B, Scotsdale

Classroom Expertise MeetsConvenience

Register for your class to learn everything that you need to know about Arizona’s Title 28 laws and your upcoming exam. We specialize in driver’s education that’s both thorough and enjoyable.

We’ve built a team of teaching experts with years of experience and the ability to simplify the critical concepts that you’ll encounter during the permit test. From operating vehicles to driving defensively, our curriculum helps you become a better motorist-in-training. They also give you the confidence that you’ll need to make the right decisions during your exam and on the road.

After the class, your trainer will transport you to the nearest MVD or authorized third-party testing center. When you pass the exam, you’ll obtain your Learner’s Permit and be able to drive with a licensed adult above the age of 21 sitting by your side.

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