Posted on: September 14, 2017

Ms. Pamela is THE best driving instructor you will ever have! Hands down!! She definitely cares about her students. She was very flexible and was able to accommodate around my work schedule. She was so nice and patient with me! She actually made taking driving lessons really enjoyable. The first day, not going to lie, I was at first feeling anxious and was a little nervous, just because I always had a fear of driving. But, with Ms. Pamela being extremely friendly, understanding and her great interpersonal skills, she made driving a lot less of a scary experience for me. It didn’t even feel like driving lessons, it felt more of just driving around the town with a friend. My first lesson turned out really good. She was so reassuring that everything will be okay and just be hearing that help me calm my nerves a lot. She was really patient and quick to fix any mistakes that occurred in a calm positive manner. I needed help with parking, having confidence going on the freeway, and building confidence with driving in general. She was able to do that with me all in one hour! And that is saying a lot coming from someone who always had a great fear of driving. Her mentoring and teaching was on point! After that one day of practice driving with her, I felt like I needed a little more practice. So, I scheduled three more days of driving lessons with Ms. Pamela. And definitely, have to say that was one of the best choices I ever made in my life! I’m beyond grateful for her. It has been such an honor to have her help me out in driving. I really appreciate her giving me advice, building my self-esteem and everything else she has done. She is such a phenomenal driving instructor!

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