Posted on: September 14, 2017

I needed to start driving and after tons of research, I came across Go & Drive Driving School. I’m glad I did! I was very nervous and scared to start driving but from the very first phone call, I felt like I was good in hands. Living in the west valley my instructor was Angel and he was BEYOND AMAZING! I was always nervous about being on the road, driving next to other cars, on the freeway, just plain holding the steering wheel in a death grip scared of driving! But after the first lesson with Angel, I was feeling less scared and more confident. By the second the lesson you’d think I was an entirely different person behind the wheel! And on the third day, you’d think I was driving all my life. Angel was a very patient and fun instructor; he made every lesson feel relaxing, comfortable, and a joy. He made me feel like I accomplished something big and left me with a huge smile on my face after every lesson. On the day of my road test, I forgot I was taking a test and was simply driving and parking like it was second nature! I definitely recommend signing up with Go & Drive Driving School, they will leave you feeling as if you’ve been driving all your life.

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